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  • Chloe’s First SERS paper - Chloe’s first SERS paper on skatole & androstenone quantification is published in Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry. Includes analysis of these boar-taint compounds from porcine fat. This is also a new collaboration with Klavs and Søren from the Department of Food Science at the University of Copenhagen. Read the paper here and find out more about Søren's […]
  • Back-to-back papers in Nature - Work by Drupad and Nik features in two back-to-back papers that are now online in Nature We are very proud to be associated with this work from Manchester Institute of Biotechnology and SynBioChem on novel enzyme and cofactor discovery. Read all about it here: White, M., Payne, K.A.P., Fisher, K., Parker, D., Rattray, N.J.W., Trivedi, D., […]
  • Metabolites 2nd Prize - Dlighted that our paper in Metabolites has been voted as the Second Best Paper Award for 2015. Gromski, P.S., Xu, Y., Kotze, K.L., Correa, E., Ellis, D.I., Armitage, E.G., Turner, M.L. & Goodacre, R. (2014) Influence of missing values substitutes on multivariate analysis of metabolomics data. Metabolites 4, 433-452 This is a real honour for the School of Chemistry […]
  • Prize for Najla - Delighted that Najla Almasoud from our group has been awarded first prize for her presentation at the PhD final year talks today in the School of Chemistry. Najla has done some excellent work on the development of bacterial characterisation with biophysical methods: with a particular focus on MALDI-MS of proteins and lipids. Read her first […]
  • Another success for Howbeer - It's like buses, or at least it seems that way with publications. Howbeer's second paper is out in Analytical Chemistry. He is joint first author with Malama who worked in the lab as an MSc Chemistry student last summer. This is also a first coauthorship paper for Abdu Subaihi.  Congratulations all!!! The paper is entitled: Combining Raman […]
  • Howbeer’s first paper - Howbeer's first paper entitled 'Metabolic profiling of Geobacter sulfurreducens during scale-up' has been accepted in Applied and Environmental Microbiology. A very nice metabolomics study with biological validation of the findings. Interested? Read the accepted version here
  • PhD for Piotr - Congratulation to Dr Piotr who defended his PhD successfully yesterday. We look forward to seeing more of his chemometrics work in the future now that he is in Strathclyde. Nice tweet here with a picture. Piotr's Google Scholar page.
  • Junaied’s Nuffield placement - Junaied joined us from Rochdale Sixth Form College to complete his 4 week Nuffield placement over the summer. He completed a project investigating cell differentiation using Raman and FTIR spectroscopies. Last week he presented 2 posters detailing his work and was awarded a Gold CREST award. Junaied hopes to study medicine at university and greatly […]
  • Chloe’s BBSRC PIPS placement - Chloe Westley has recently returned from her PIPS placements and below is her summary:  "As part of the DTP BBSRC PIPS scheme, I have been on a 3 month placement, part of which has been at Guru Magazine. Guru is a science lifestyle magazine offering current science content, primarily in the biology and medical sections, to […]
  • Robert’s Run in the Dark - Well done Robert Eendebak who completed the Manchester 10 km Run in the Dark Run in 38 minutes and 42 seconds. Robert came in 11th place out of 421 runners, and his run time can be seen here: http://www.chiptiming.co.uk/results/view/1564/230/

Software: We have developed a data analysis tool called PyChem.  This is a new open source chemometrics package in Python. Read all about it in Bioinformatics.  For those interested in Matlab our code for cluster analysis with code can be found here.

Metabolomics: This is an exciting dynamic research area that is gaining momentum and we are pleased to announce:

Funding: Many thanks to BBSRCEPSRCHOSDBEuropean Commission FP6 and FP7, and Royal Society of Chemistry for financial support.